Dombeya Agricultural Youth Club



Dombeya Agricultural Youth Club

The Dombeya Agricultural Youth Club was set up in 2016 to address two key activities involving youth in Chemin Rail:

  1. Community gardening project
  2. Happy Bees project (a beekeeping initiative in Chemin Rail).

This is a community-based initiative by FJL with the input of two expert facilitators, Mr. Allain Raffa and Mr. Michael Lafrance.

The aim of the project is to build capacity among youth of the locality and to introduce social entrepreneurship in our area of intervention in Chemin Rail. The initiative also believes in the mobilisation energy coming from a group of young teenagers forming a club and structure its activities under various responsibilities taken by each one of them.

The project has been quite successful since its start date with three sales of honey to members of IBL Group, since. This has generated a small income which is reinvested in the activities of the club.