For more than 12 years, Fondation Joseph Lagesse has been working in poor areas in an attempt to help vulnerable families come out of the poverty trap.

Community development involves fostering an environment for members of an underserved neighbourhood, to become actors of their social and economic development. This is about helping the members of the community to make the right choices for their area, working with and not for the community.

At FJL, we do so through needs assessment, capacity-building, planning, implementation of a community-based initiative and project evaluation, along the Strategic Prevention Framework model.

The Community Development department works in close collaboration with other divisions of the Foundation and IBL group: education, health, environment and sustainable development. Projects are run for three years before FJL evaluates and re-defines new community needs and goals.

Fondation Joseph Lagesse is active at Chemin Rail, in Rivière du Rempart, and at Bois Marchand on the outskirts of Port-Louis. It works in close collaboration with other NGO’s and associations, public services and other stakeholders authorities.