Education is Fondation Joseph
Lagesse’s first area of focus

For more than 10 years, we have been supporting education in many ways, in areas of extreme poverty, to bring about solutions to dramatic situations, where children are excluded from the mainstream education system or have no opportunity to show their capacity. Education is not the filling of a pot, but the lighting of a fire.

How? By promoting education and fostering an environment for children to attend school: providing food, basic hygiene, good environmental factors and, most of all, the drive and willingness to learn.

At FJL, our Education and Community Development departments work in close collaboration.

Our programs include :

  • The Bois Marchand pre-primary school: 2 classes comprising 25 pupils each, about 50 children enrolled in total, 3 certified teachers.
  • Afterschool activities at Bois Marchand: creative workshops for primary-level children living in Bois Marchand, attending Terre Rouge Government School.
  • Food program: breakfasts for all children from the educational program; lunch for pre-primary school children; and afternoon snacks for those attending the afterschool activities.
  • Educational field trips for children.
  • Home visits program: supports education delivered at the pre-primary school.
  • Afterschool activities for children living at Chemin Rail: permaculture, beekeeping, academic support.
  • Support to young adults for their tertiary studies: financial support towards young Mauritians’ tertiary education, both overseas and in Mauritius.