17th October annual initiative



17th October annual initiative

Fondation Joseph Lagesse is a member of the Comité 17 octobre, responsible for organizing a series of annual activities for the commemoration of Father Joseph Wresinsky life-long fight against poverty and for the respect of human rights.

In 2018 Fondation Joseph Lagesse accompanied a group of women living in Singamani area in Bois Marchand to help them in their housing problems. The commemoration day took place at the University of Mauritius on October 7, 2018, allowing families and social workers to speak out about the local issues they were facing because of poor living conditions and lack of access to services.

In 2019, FJL will continue to work with the group of women in Singamani, and we hope that their voices are heard and that their house can be a safe and healthy place to live and raise their children.